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Butterfly Release Methods

    Butterfly Release Method 1 - Individual Butterfly Release Triangles


Nominated guests, the wedding party, or the entire guest list may each be given an Individual Butterfly Release Triangle containing a single beautiful butterfly - for release in unison at a selected special moment. A unique and memorable experience for all!

A butterfly release can range from a ‘special wish’ symbolic release where two individual butterflies are released, eg for weddings one butterfly each is released by the Bride & Groom…through to a spectacular experience of an individual butterfly being released by each guest. Other options, which may depend on the event, include an individual butterfly being released by each couple or by each family member.

Quite popular is to distribute the Individual Butterfly Release Triangles by placing them in one or more baskets, a nominated family member or friend may act as your ‘Butterfly Attendant’ and hand them out to your guests. For weddings, you may have your ushers perform this role.

Our Individual Butterfly Release Triangles have been especially designed as a miniature triangular box to safely and comfortably hold a single butterfly in their natural resting position. As butterflies are cold-blooded all of our packaging is especially designed to keep them cool and dark, the butterflies then go into a natural hibernation-type sleep until the time of release. They are not stressed or harmed in any way.

Each individual Butterfly Release Triangle, is inscribed with details of the special occasion (e.g. name of bride and groom & wedding date), so that after the butterflies have flown, it becomes a unique keepsake, in remembrance of the day.

                         Butterfly Release Method 2 - Butterfly Release Box

Alternatively, you can have a mass release of butterflies from one or more Butterfly Release Boxes ~ one dozen, two dozen, three dozen, 100…or more butterflies naturally resting inside an elegantly decorated release box, open the lid and fill the sky with beautiful butterflies!

Upon opening the lid of the Butterfly Release Box, the butterflies will flutter around, and may even land on close-by objects, including people... providing unique photo opportunities.

Butterfly Release Boxes come in a range of sizes and colours - allowing you to suit your individual needs and the number of butterflies ordered.

You may like to consider whether you would like one large box or use a number of smaller boxes. Either way will result in an amazing mass release! A release box for each member of the bridal party is quite popular for wedding releases. The bridal party members release the butterflies to create a triumphant spectacle of fluttering wings as the Bride and Groom exit the ceremony.

    Butterfly Release Method 3 - Butterfly Display and Release Cages

Perhaps you might like to display your butterflies for all guests to view and enjoy prior to release. In which event one or more of our elegant Butterfly Display & Release Cage would be perfect.

Butterfly Display & Release Cages include an arrangement of fresh flowers which adds to the lovely display and provides nectar (food) for the butterflies. If your event has a colour theme, the colour of the flowers can be selected to complement your theme.

The butterflies are released directly from the Display & Release Cage when the special moment arrives.

You may even consider having a number of Butterfly Display & Release Cages on display in various locations to carry the theme throughout your event - perfect for a garden wedding or party.

Display cages may also be used as unique table centres for reception tables. Although note that butterflies can not be released inside or at night time, so where butterfly display cages are used at the reception they are generally taken home by family members and released the following morning.